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About Us

Message from
Founder & Chairman

          Welcome to, the official website of CVD Diamond. I hope that you will find our website helpful and a ready resource of information. We offer you a full suite of extensive and often unrivalled customer services that caters to the needs of our customers in a way that is appreciated by them. As you browse through the site, I hope that you gain an appreciation for our rich history which began in 1964, our substantial accomplishments and the strength of our diamond offerings, all of which gives us an unique position in our industry.

          I have a very simple view towards success. It is positive thinking, positive thinking and positive thinking. And for the success of my organization, I have helped the executives in establishing the essential corporate values since its inception. Truthfulness of product management, coupled with a constantly upgraded technology and a highly motivated team of artisans are some of the features that makes our organization one of the best in the industry.

Saurabh Rampuria
Founder & Chairman
LabGrown Diamond

Our Vision

CVD Diamond will be recognized as leading manufacturer and most reputed supplier of natural fancy colour diamonds which will provide CVD Diamond a precious opportunity to serve every customer all around the world.


CVD Diamond is one of India's leading diamond manufacturers. We combine the finesse of art with the cutting edge of technology, to produce the finest diamonds for customers.

Our vast experience, meticulous attention to detail, and technological superiority help us produce excellent quality diamonds, ranging from 0.01 to 1.50 carats in weight and D to J colours and almost all clarity and shape. Founded in 2005, the company today has a 5,000 strong dedicated and talented workforce.

Our investment in the best possible equipment - including Laser Machines, Auto Bruters, Maxi Bruters and Auto Sliders - helps ensure that we always produce flawless diamonds. Each and every gem passes through the stringent testing of high-tech machines and diamond experts.

Our Mission

To direct our organization efforts, technology, creativity, employee's hard work and last but not the least our values and ethics help us to achieve our long term objectives with great customer support and satisfactions.


To chisel a life that is honest, clean and mostly dedicated to the well being of others around. A philosophy which was instilled in these friends by their spiritual leader HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj. They commenced their journey towards fulfilling this dream, learning fast and performing seamlessly over the years. They were approached by a trader who believed them to be excellent partners for manufacturing, which they did. The two wanted to go further and it was then to start their own manufacturing house.

CVD Stand For Trust

The "CVD Diamond" name stands for trust. We conduct our business with fairness, honesty and transparency, so that we can, at all times, stand public scrutiny. We believe that we must not just meet customers demands but surpass them always as we do with our focus on value adding activities throughout our value chain.