Lab Grown Diamond

What are Man Made Diamonds ?

            So, man-made diamond. You’ve probably heard the term. It’s been around for decades, mistakenly used to describe cubic zirconia, moissanite and other materials intended to impersonate real diamond. In the industry, these are actually called “simulants.” And for as long as the term has been around, it’s been a misleading; misleading because the substances that are most commonly described as “man-made diamonds” are NOT diamond at all. We, at CVD Diamond, believe that these substances should never be called “man-made diamond,” because well, they’re not diamond.

            All lab-Grown diamonds are man-made diamonds. Why? Because they are grown by man in a laboratory setting. But (and it’s a big “but”) because some marketers use the term “man-made diamonds” to (inaccurately) describe simulants (CZ, etc.), all “man-made diamonds” are not lab-Grown diamonds.